Mary Bolyard

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Mary joined CHAMP Camp as a spunky 9 year-old in 2009 at Recreation Unlimited in Ashley, OH and graduated at our last physical camp in 2019 at Bradford Woods in Martinsville, IN!

Today Mary is working part time at a preschool, and will soon be starting online school. She plans to major in Zoology and Environmental Science.

She is also making moves on writing her first novel, in hopes to get it published in the next few years. She points out that the book writing process is a long one!

Mary is a first time aunt! Her niece, Gabriella, is now around four weeks old. She has an eleven month old kitten named Octavia, and a three year old German Shepherd named Toby.

She continues to live in Indiana but hopes to travel some day.

Mary also hopes to be coming back to CHAMP Camp as a counselor in the near future and can’t wait to be back and see everyone again!

CHAMP Camp Take-Away: CHAMP Camp really helped as an individual in general, it made it known that I wasn’t alone in the ways I grew up. It taught me patience, and good communication skills. At CHAMP Camp a lot of children could have trouble speaking and it taught me to adapt to what they need. It showed me what it does for the children there, they are surrounded by others with the same life experience. Being a part of such a community and being able to experience it hands-on is life-changing, and I cherish all of the memories I have. ~Mary

Mary B, then and now

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