CHAMP Camp counselors are comprised of many different people including health care professionals who at camp are friends and mentors. They listen, play, laugh, and know how to create and recognize magical moments. They are talented in many ways beyond their clinical skills . . . they can compose songs, initiate a hike through the woods, recognize the hoot of an owl, cheerlead at new achievements, and bait a fishing line. They live in the cabins with the campers to monitor and provide medical interventions round the clock. We staff 2.5 counselors for every camper guaranteeing a good mix of caring and sharing.

Camp Counselors

We make a considerable effort not to “smother” or “hover” over our enthusiastic campers, and within safe bounds, CHAMP Campers have the freedom to explore the many facets of the outdoor environment. A majority of our counselors are nurses, respiratory therapists, physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, child life specialists, teachers and recreation professionals. Other devoted volunteers include university students majoring in a health care discipline, as well as rehabilitation specialists who assist with equipment and technical, logistical support.

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