Jessica Walters

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It’s been almost 12 years since Jessica was last at CHAMP camp! She started and finished with us at Recreation Unlimited in Ashley, OH!

Since then, she graduated college with a Bachelors in Social Work. She currently lives in Painesville, OH and works at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.

CHAMP Camp asked Jessica: Was there anything about CHAMP Camp that you feel like you took into your adult life that led to who you are today?

From Jessica: “I would say that camp helped me become even more independent. At camp, I had new counselors helping with me for the week so now I’m more comfortable with new home care nurses and showing them my care. Before camp it was hard for me to trust other adults besides my mom taking care of me. Also, meeting campers at camp that have the same challenges has helped in my adult life seeing them now navigate the complicated world for disabled people and being able to network with them about questions/resources.

FUN FACT: Jessica found camp because she had gone to another camp and wanted to be able to do more in the summer. Not only did she take that initiative, she brought a friend!

Jessica Walters

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