Here are some of our favorite places to go to on the web! As time goes by, we want to add more sites to this list so if you have any suggestions, send us the address and tell us why you like it. If we use it, we’ll post your comments with the address!

All the sites we link to will open in a new browser window.

Two linked friendsWe are honored to have Joe Ray as one of our CHAMP Camp counselors. He is an individual of exceptional accomplishments, and he sees the best (and potential!) in our campers. Check it out at

The American Camping Association is all about kids and camping!

Bradford Woods has their virtual home at: 


Emily Hunt is one of our graduate CHAMP Campers!

The Ohio Society of Respiratory Care enriches us with their tremendous support and enthusiasm, and their fundraising efforts on our behalf.

Thank you to the staff at TherAPlay for our adaptive horseback riding program. We are so pleased to have them as part of CHAMP Camp. Learn more at

The Timmy Foundation is one of our great supporters.

VMT is the site of our webmaster, and alumni camper, check out all the information and sites they do!