Andrea Patrick

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My name is Andrea Patrick. I was a camper at Champ Camp for a year in 2009. Since then I regret not going back but I’m thrilled what I’ve been doing since then. I graduated high school in 2016 and then attended Cardinal Lab for extended schooling. Then, I tried college for a semester but it got too hard for me when Covid hit. I started doing We Thrive Together, which is an online zoom group organization that provides programming so we wouldn’t feel loneliness and isolation during Covid. It’s for all special needs. I also did some modding for Quarantine Karaoke during Covid. Recently, I became a board gamer since my mom is a board gamer. It’s a blast. Last thing I have an amazing new nurse name Pattie and I’m still apart of We Thrive Together!

I wish I still would have come back because camp would have let me experience independence on my own with new people. In 2012, my second year I wanted to take a break that summer because I just had my back surgery that February and I wanted to have an easy summer that year. In 2011 camp moved to a different state so my parents didn’t feel comfortable me being that far away from home.

CHAMP Camp Favorite: My favorite camp activity was the slumber party in the cabin, the tower climbing, and swimming in the dam/river.

FUN FACT: I am an alumni Sparkle Cheerleader for Mentor High School. I am a baseball player for Miracle League and for IAP Baseball. Cheer and Baseball are my favorite sports!

Andrea P

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