Joel Vander Molen

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My final year as a camper at CHAMP Camp was back in the previous century, 1999. In the decades since then, I have attempted to stay busy.

I received my Associate’s Degree in IT in 2003 and have been working as a web developer ever since. When not on my computer, I also give a disability awareness presentation to area grade schools and speak to college students in various medical disciplines about working with complex needs. In 2017, I received my license to exhort, which allows me to be a substitute preacher. As a result, I was blessed with the opportunity to preach at camp counselor Dave Powell’s church in 2018.

Since camp graduation, I also had many summers volunteering as a camp counselor. I had my 15th year as a counselor in 2019 and one year as a virtual counselor. I have most likely retired my camp bracelets, but I will see what the future brings.

Camp taught me how to be independent from my parents and help me look to others around for help. The campers also continue to inspire me to do more and never give up on future goals.

FUN FACT: Joel manages the CHAMP Camp website! We appreciate all he does for us!

Joel Vander Molen

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