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From Tommy: Hi! My last year of CHAMP Camp was 2019. After camp, was my senior year of high school which was a great year! During that year I not only attended high school, but I also audited classes at Trine University. It was busy, but a lot of fun. Since CHAMP Camp I got to go to a few concerts, but the best was KISS! We had box seats and I even had a song dedicated to me from Paul Stanley! It was crazy!! I graduated high school and had a drive-by open house…thank you Covid. It was nice though, the local police and fire departments had quite the ‘parade’ past my house. I’m sure my neighbors loved it! I’ve lost count of how many virtual tours I’ve done. I’ve now been all over the world virtually. Looking forward to things being a little bit safer for all of us!

CHAMP Camp Favorite: I loved going up in the hot air balloon, zip lining and getting to ride in a race car, but my favorite part of camp was hanging out in the pool with friends!

FUN FACT: Tommy also wanted everyone to know how much he likes keeping up with his counselors!! Even seeing the path that Rick takes…like the year he put a dash cam up to track his trip, or the year his car broke down, and took a train, a bus and a plane to get there! (So make sure you are sharing on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages!)

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