CHAMP Camp 2023

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CHAMP Camp 2023

Our Home in the WoodsWe had a great time at camp this year! With 11 new campers and 13 returning campers, it was a great blend of new experiences and meaningful traditions!

CHAMP Camp 2023 is a wrap! We had cooler temperatures than normal which is great…except when you have swimming! (But so thankful Bradford Woods has a heated pool!) Some highlights of the week

  • We got to use the new treehouse that was completed the day before our campers arrived! It was so cool to be able to use that space to cheer on fellow campers as they braved the zip line!
  • Alumni camper turned lawyer and comedian, Katrina Gosset, provided a workshop on improv. Campers and counselors jumped in quickly and provided a lot of laughs for our first night!
  • We brought the tower back for this year and some of our new campers scaled it all the way to the top! And we still enjoyed exploding things as tower activities through watermelons, egg drops and Mentos bombs!
  • Campers tried new things after being inspired by their fellow campers – this is what CHAMP Camp is all about!
  • Closing ceremonies brought lots of talent, camper awards and NO graduates! We look forward to all of our campers returning next year!

In 2023 we had the following states represented by campers:

North Carolina

How cool is that?!

Do you know someone who would like to join us for CHAMP Camp 2024? Just send their information to Jamie at and we will see if we can find other states to join us in 2024!

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