Wheelchair Accessible Ramp Opens

July 9, 2018 By

Rolling up the ramp“We are happy to announce that the wheelchair accessible ramp project at Bradford Woods is now complete. The ramp, which leads to the 375 foot zipline, was unveiled on Tuesday, June 19th. CHAMP Camp Camper, Glen, was one of the first to put the new ramp to the test. The purpose of the wheelchair accessible ramp was to create fluidity and ease of access to the zipline for our CHAMP Camp campers who are not ambulatory. The hope was that the ramp would decrease the amount of time that it took to get a camper to the top of the zipline tower as well as increase the quality of the experience for all our campers. The ramp has exceeded expectations, so much so that for the first time, every camper had the opportunity to zip multiple times.

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