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Gracie cares about CHAMP Camp because it has changed her life! For the past two summers she has been coming to Camp to find new adventures and make new friends. And she has done just that!

Although a bit timid at the beginning of her CHAMP Camp career, Gracie quickly blossomed into a very engaging young girl. Focused and goal oriented, Gracie decided after leaving camp in 2011 that she would conquer the climbing tower the following year at camp. In 2012 at Bradford Woods, Gracie came and conquered as she courageously climbed the Alpine Tower 50 feet into the air!

She has a pretty powerful fast ball too and was recruited to be the pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds where she threw out the first pitch of the game against the Dodgers earlier this year.

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Gracie’s Story:

Gracie has an undiagnosed neuromuscular disorder that affects her ability to walk and maintain her balance, and she has required a ventilator since November 2010. She’s in a wheelchair without the use of her arms, and though her legs are strong she cannot walk independently. She’s deaf, but speaks as her mode of communication. She has low vision, but paints and does her school work on a computer using a mouth stick. She’s awesome at math, and is a cheerleader. Overall, she’s a smart, cute, and hilarious little girl who has tons of friends in her home town of Mason, Ohio. Gracie is full of spunk and considers herself a world-class driver of her power chair!

Why Gracie is campaigning for CHAMP Camp:

Gracie loves CHAMP Camp and believes every child who needs respiratory assistance should be able to come to Camp with her. Please help Gracie make it possible for CHAMP Camp to serve more children and to provide opportunities for kids to find his or her place under the sun.

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