CHAMP Camp Staff

The CHAMP Camp staff is comprised of one full time Executive Director, and several other year-round volunteer positions including our Camp Directors, Lead Physician, Lead Nurse, Lead Respiratory Therapist, Program Coordinator, and our Founders.

CHAMP Camp Co-Directors

Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell

Emily Miller Co-Director

Emily Miller


CHAMP Camp Lead Physician

Dr. Tanty Angulo, MD -Lead Physician

Dr. Tanty Angulo, MD

CHAMP Camp Lead Nurse

Ryanne Green -Lead Nurse

Ryanne Green, RN

CHAMP Camp Lead Respiratory Therapist

Marissa Stopski -Lead Respiratory Therapist

Marissa Stopski, RT

CHAMP Camp Program Coordinator

Kristina Watkins -Program Coordinator

Kristina Watkins

CHAMP Camp Founders

Dave Carter -Co-Founder

Dave Carter

Nancy McCurdy -Co-Founder

Nancy McCurdy

CHAMP Camp Executive Director

Alysia Caldwell -Executive Director

Alysia Caldwell